Thursday, April 7, 2016

40 Old Testament Stories: Solomon's Judgement

The story of Solomon and the two women is a relatively well known illustration of his wisdom.  It's a little graphic for our day and age.

Two women come to Solomon and with one living child.  Each woman claims that the living child is her son and that a dead child is the other woman's son.

Solomon orders that the child be cut in half and a half given to each woman.  One woman agrees with this, the other says, no, let her have the child, at least then he will be alive.

Solomon discerns that the woman who is willing to give up the child rather than have him killed is the true mother.

It is a shocking story on many levels.

The point, of course, is that God has given Solomon wisdom and discernment.  To modern ears it sounds incredibly callous.  To people of Solomon's time, life was cheaper and the story would have sounded less shocking.

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