Monday, November 22, 2010

The Bishop-elect of Western New York

As I'm sure that you all have heard by now, the Rev. Dr. R. William Franklin was elected Bishop of Western New York on Saturday.

The next step in the process is to ask the Standing Committees of the 110 Dioceses in the Episcopal Church and the Bishops with jurisdiction of those Dioceses to consent to the election. A majority of both need to consent within the next 120 days. Assuming that those consents are recieved, Bishop-elect Franklin will arrive in the Diocese (probably in mid-February) and will be consecrated on April 30 at the Center for the Arts at UB. I'm in charge of the arrangements for the consecration so I will be looking for lots of help to pick up people at the airport, trouble shoot for our guests and do the 101 other things to make the consecration happen - mark your calendars.

Whether or not Dr. Franklin was your, or my, first choice among the candidates, it is important that we all support and pray for our bishop-elect as he comes among us and begins to take up his ministry.

Here are the ballot results from Saturday:

Ballot 1:
Clergy - 95 votes
Ambler - 9
Bamburger - 17
Franklin - 33
Price - 36
Lay - 164 votes
Ambler - 37
Bamburger - 52
Franklin - 38
Price - 37

Ballot 2
Clergy - 95 votes
Amber - 3
Bamburger - 19
Franklin - 33
Price 40
Lay - 162 votes
Amber - 22
Bamburger - 59
Franklin - 39
Price - 42

Michael Ambler withdrew after this ballot

Ballot 3
Clergy - 95 votes
Bamburger - 19
Franklin - 32
Price - 44
Lay - 161 votes
Bamburger - 67
Franklin - 46
Price - 48

Ballot 4
Clergy - 95 votes
Bamburger - 19
Franklin - 30
Price - 46
Lay - 162 votes
Bamburger- 65
Franklin - 44
Price - 53

Ballot 5
Clergy - 93 votes
Bamburger - 18
Franklin - 32
Price - 43
Lay - 159 votes
Bamburger - 51
Franklin - 55
Price - 53

Ballot 6
Clergy- 91 votes
Bamburger - 9
Franklin - 40
Price - 42
Lay - 156 votes
Bamburger - 29
Franklin - 69
Price - 59

Ballot 7
Clergy - 89 Votes
Bamburger - 1
Franklin - 46
Price - 42
Lay - 150 votes
Bamburger - 6
Franklin - 95
Price - 49

Monday, November 15, 2010

Bishop Election

The clergy and lay delegates from Western New York will gather on Saturday to elect the 11th Bishop.

If you want to know more about the candidates there is lots of information available on the Diocesan Website

The lay delegates from St. Paul's are Andrea Brown, Ward Caldbick and Donna Leney. Deacon Dan and Pastor Vicki also are members of the Convention.

You can follow the progress of the election on the Diocesan website as well.

After the election consent from all the Standing Committees and Bishops with jurisdiction in the Episcopal Church will be sought. Assuming that a majority of each consent the new Bishop will be consecrated on April 30 at the Center for the Arts at UB - everyone will be able to attend the service and you all will be asked to help because Pastor Vicki is chair of the arrangements committee.

Please keep the Convention and the Diocese and the candidates in your prayers this weekend.

Monday, November 1, 2010

For All the Saints

Today is All Saints' Day (although we will celebrate it on Sunday). It's the day that the church sets aside to remember all those saints who have gone before us.

We often think of only the Saints on this day - that is St. Matthew or St. Mark or St. Paul or any of the Saints that the church has named and taught about over the years.

But really anyone who follows the path of Christ is a saint and we are all surrounded and have been all our lives by saints.

I'm thinking particularly of my grandparents today and of how they all in various ways showed and taught me the faith that formed thier lives.

Who are the saints in your life who have showed you the paths you are walking on today?