Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rite 13 Celebration

Here are the five young adults who celebrated their Rite 13 ceremony last week.
I think that it is great to have a write of passage that marks the beginning of the journey from childhood to adult hood.
I actually think that there are several events that are, if not rites of passage, signifcant milestones in that time. Moving from elementary to middle school is the start of the journey. Moving from middle to high school is another, getting a driver's liscense is another, getting a first job in another, moving on the college or other post-high school work is another. In my mind the end of the journey is the second month after moving out of your parents' home - when you are fully responsible for your own rent, utilities etc ...
It's really challenging and exciting time and I'm glad that we take seriously our job as a community to support these young people.
Congratulations to all five of them.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ten Ways Christians Tend to Fail at Being Christian

Check out this article by John Shore on the Huffington Post.

He hits, at least by title, the biggest issues facing Christianity in the 21st Centuray and the issues around which we are struggling as a gathered people of faith.

Definately raises some points worth thinking and talking about.

What do you think are the 10 ways we fail at being Christian