Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas

Christmas is coming - as a matter of fact it is coming on Saturday.  We know that because the Christmas pageant was Sunday.  Here's a picture from our crack photographer, Charlie Hibschweiler.   The youth group created the pageant.  What would the Hogwarts Christmas Pageant look like?  Now we know - check out the video on St. Paul's web-site
Here's the new Christmas banner - hung in the church - thank you Jason, Brian, Brie and Kate for getting it up, looking good and not hurting yourselves in the process.

Hope to see you and your families at Christmas services -

Christmas Eve Services are at 4pm, 7pm & 11 pm
Christmas Day Service is at 9 am

January 1 the service is at 9 am

If you are travelling, be safe.

Have a Merry Christmas