Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Things are starting up

I can't believe that summer is almost over - but there is no denying it.

The calendars change to September on Sunday and school starts next week.

The collected school supplies are on their way to students at School 6 - which is also Buffalo Elementary School of Technology.  Gifts are heading towards the teachers at School 6 and Harris Hill Elementary and the days are getting shorter.

That means that it's time for programs to begin again at church and we have lots of new things.

We will be kicking off Sunday School on September 8 and 10 a.m.  But this year we are asking you to bring not only your backpacks, but your tablets, cell phones and anything else that helps you learn, connect and communicate.  We will be blessing all of it - and inviting you to tweet your hopes for the year at #blesstech

The youth group heads to Darian Lake after the service - but this year with the youth from St. Martin's Church on Grand Island.  We will be travelling to England with them next summer.

Bible Study starts on Monday the 9th at 10:15 am  - this year we are adding a Bible Challenge - a weekly set of readings that will take us through half the Bible this year.

And - of course - there are the changes around the church - we have a new roof, and new siding and new windows and a new door at the Parish Hall and new signs.  The church has a new ceiling and new paint and new carpeting are coming.  We are looking forward to completing that project by the end of September.

Come and see and be a part of all of the new things that are going on at St. Paul's