Thursday, March 10, 2016

40 Old Testament Stories: Israel Demands a King - and gets Saul

This is a story that is basically about "be careful what you pray for - God may decide to give you exactly what you asked for"

Israel has been governed by judges for about a generation and they look around and realize that all of the other nations have kings.  So Israel says - "hey, we want one of those too, that's what we need to be a real nation"

God says - no, you don't really want a king - kings are more trouble then they are worth, trust me.

The people come back with - no, we really want a king.

God says - okay then, you want a king - here you go.  And he gives them Saul - Saul is basically the definition of a bad king.  He is immature, selfish, weak and a poor governor.

Be careful what you ask for - God may give it to you.

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