Thursday, January 14, 2016

40 Old Testament Stories: Moses

In the first chapter of the book of Exodus we get the transition from Joseph - the trusted aide to the king of Egypt - to a people who are held as slaves in basically one sentence.

"Now a new king came to power in Egypt who didn't know Joseph"  The people of Egypt became afraid of the people of Israel, they were a lot of them and they were growing stronger, so Egypt enslaved Israel.  But Israel continued to grow in strength and in numbers.  The king of Egypt tried many different ways to keep the people of Israel under control, but it didn't work.

In the midst of this we get the story of Moses.  If you have seen the movie The Ten Commandments (or indeed Prince of Egypt) then you know the story.  If not, I suggest that you rent one or both, because the rest of the history of Israel and much of the history of Christianity is driven by the story we find in Exodus 1:8-14:31.

I suggest that you watch one or both movies and then go back and read the story in Exodus.  Think about where in our faith we hear the words lamb, Passover, Feast, and sacrifice and see how much we build on this story.

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